Camo is one of our favourite seasonless prints that we've seen evolve and be subtlety updated in the Menswear catwalks by colouration and scale.

At Vetements we see the classic camo design in a light camo colourway that looks refreshed with more olive and yellow tones. What's looking really cool is the camo printed denim being such a simple idea by making use of the indigo negative space. It's very much in line with the concept of overprint, which is something else we will explore within what we've observed on the catwalk for Menswear.

In relation to indigo, the update of blue camo as an updated colourway is an idea that easily works and can be imagined for youth and boyswear.


The refined smaller scale camo as seen at Dries Van Noten in the two traditional colourways of brown and khaki tones easily translates as urbanwear. In addition, the laser cut dimension gives such reinvented textural surface in a way that's only expected of Dries Van Noten with making classics new each season. There's also something we're loving about the camo suit and the dress up/dress down styling of cargo inspired pants worn with tailoring. It just seems reflective of this hybrid way we're having to adapt to the work/life balance we're all experiencing.

There's something about this camo by Department 5 that caught our eye, in the way it's so organic. The expressive strokes and technique of application is softly eye catching in tonality.

An easy update to tie dye is this camo colourway as seen at Rolf Ekroth SS22.


Check out his Midsummer inspired collection that has some really cool pieces and silhouettes, including some fantastic digital florals we're also inspired by.


Camo colours re-interpreted in non-traditional prints is also a link to camo that's great to explore, as seen at Dries Van Noten and Phipps SS22.

We still love camo on a large scale but tonally harmonious, as seen at Etudes SS22, DOUBLE ELEVAN and sacai x KAWS, which has just dropped. The collab features camouflage and hyper multicolour prints as wearable art in sacai's silhouettes. Camo rules!