Why the Ministry of Pattern?

We are the only studio that sells designs exclusively without any restrictions on the amount of product you can produce commercially, It’s your business not ours, you make the decisions!
The Ministry’s focus is on selling our original royalty free designs with a non-exclusive licence a decision that has been made in response to the impending changes that every business must face up to in 2021, it also allows us to share our love for design, help more people find the design they need and reach a worldwide customer base.

Competitively Priced

We are now dedicated to sell our product online, traditional face to face sales meetings including the seasonal exhibitions are presently not viable options and it seems will not be for some time.

This means that our expenses and day to day running costs, such as travel and exhibiting etc have decreased significantly and that saving will be passed onto you ensuring that we are one of these most competitively priced design studios that you can find anywhere in the world.


We are part of a new future for everyone and with our new non-exclusive sales system everyone will be able to really benefit from this unique service. The quality of the design, the deep dive into trends and market intelligence will not be compromised. We must ensure our congregation get the winning designs, non-stop access and affordable pricing to allow them to be successful and thrive through this very uncertain period.

All our designs can be purchased simply and quickly using our dedicated online sales system.

         We look forward to working with you for a sustainable future that we all can enjoy.

Our designers are studio based, we are a small family concentrating on quality not quantity where every design is fully curated by us @ The Ministry
We are a European studio by location offering designs created through global market intelligence

We want our congregation to get the best deal possible, therefore we have two simple licences which have no ambiguous terms or conditions, plain and simple
Buy From Us 24/7 – We Are Never Closed

What Makes Us Different

No restraints on the amount of products you can produce, every design is in a seamless repeat and has been optimized to be production ready for digital printing

Every design is available in five commercial/trending colourations which are updated regularly

If you would like one of our designs in your own custom colours please message us here for more info.



No Risk Guarantee

If in the very rare occasion there are any issues with your purchase we will ensure that we fix it immediately!

If you are still unhappy we will refund you in full

We want our congregation to be happy at all times