We understand that in some cases you need your files immediately, presently we operate a manual system to ensure that all files are sent out correctly and securely.

When we say “That we do not share your data and protect all your information” we must ensure this happens and not leave this to third party cloud services that are regularly compromised.

We are in the process of constructing a 100% non-hackable data transfer system that will ensure all files are sent out encrypted immediately within minutes of the sale, until then, please be understanding.

Please also bear in mind we are not a huge organisation, every member of the congregation is of vital importance to us, we have your best interests at heart and we guarantee that your files will be securely sent within hours of the sale.

All Files will be transferred via wetransfer.com between 8am to 8pm GMT 7 days a week (excluding national holidays)

Monday to Friday you can expect your files within a few hours, outside of office hours we will transfer within 12 hours of the sale.

Simply click on the design you like, check the licence type, add to your basket and pay, its as simple as that. The sales platform has been built to be simple and quick.

There are many reasons for working with us here at The Ministry, here are some ideas……

Firstly as we are working with the leading brands and retailers from around the globe this helps us triangulate the trend information from a comprehensive worldwide marketplace and validates our design and trend information as the latest.

Our designs are high resolution in a seamless repeat, exceeding the minimum 180 dpi that you need for a good quality digital printed design, plus you will be pretty much production ready and can print directly from the file.

Another point is that our pricing policy is consistent to the market conditions, aggressively priced to ensure that the smallest brand to the largest retailer will find our product value for money.

We have one licence that works for personal and commercial customers that have NO RESTRICTIONS, Standard Licence comes in the form of a compressed JPG which is production ready for printing, Premium are layered designs which helps you edit the individual elements, also production ready. All designs are in repeat, royalty free and sold as non-exclusive which will not be deleted from the website once sold.

A non-exclusive licence means that The Ministry hold the original intellectual property/copyright and is licensing this design to the purchaser for life. This firstly helps make designs more affordable and the odds of another customer picking the same design and colouration once all our designs are loaded will be around a 1 in a 40,000 chance. Obviously this could happen, however if you would like your own colouration please message the team here and we will explain how we can get this organised quickly/affordably

A JPG is a flat image of the file that is printable, individual elements cannot be edited, you can only edit the complete design for overall size and slight colour changes that will affect the whole design. A layered file is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data. This allows the user to work with the individual layers even after the file has been saved. Therefore you can edit individual elements to change the design, create more designs or alter colours edit the size etc as much as you require.

Tiff files take much more time to create as they are layered, time is money as they say 🙂

Files are sent out automatically after the sale electronically within hours of the purchase.

Check your inbox and spam folders to ensure you don’t miss it, all files are sent securely using military grade software.

No, JPG can be opened on all the latest electronic devices including phone, ipads, and laptops as an example. To open a TIFF File you will need to have photoshop or another software installed.

If you have the information at hand, around 1 minute, its free and you qualify for freebies, monthly price draws, a 40 euro voucher birthday gift (allowing you meet the minimum spend during your membership each year) and continuous trend information plus 50%off your first purchase.

The minimum spend each year should be 300 euros of spend on designs as a whole or any products purchased from The Ministry to the same value.

Name and email is enough,companies will also require their address and a vat number if they have one. If you want to qualify for the yearly birthday gift you will need to supply some extra info. Euro customers please enter your VAT number.

Yes there is, we have to make some research and ask our credit insurer which takes a few days. However the minimum purchase for using credit insurance (if approved) is 1500 euro, sales under this amount must be PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or crypto currency. If you wish to pay via bank transfer please email us here.

In short, NO WAY JOSE ! Only market intelligence and occasional discounts, please go to your profile and check the boxes that we use for marketing and select what you are happy with. There is a default setting, change this once you sign up to customize your experience. However make sure you don’t check the wrong box as we do monthly draws for discount vouchers and send out free trend boards, plus a birthday gift, so don’t miss out !

For sure, we already work with agencies around the globe,  we offer to work with independent agents on country, city or even customer basis as long as it does not conflict with any other agreements, this is extremely important.Traditionally agencies are granted by country, however with the global market being online the system has to change, so contact us here and lets discuss confidentially.

As quick as your internet allows you! The site has been prepared and optimized according to simplicity and quickness for smart phones /tablets/pcs/ laptops.  It’s very frustrating waiting around for paint to dry when a website is fully loaded and slow, so a few minutes is the answer.

Unlike other sales platforms all designs are in a seamless repeat, so pretty much production ready. Always check the design, make a strike off to ensure you are happy with the final look and layout before going into production.

DPI or Dots Per Inch is the resolution (physical value) that will be used when your design is being printed. The printer will print your design by expelling out tiny dots, so the DPI affects the amount of detail in the design. Digital and screen printing both use different DPI, every design that is printed digital may need a different DPI.

At The Ministry we ensure that the technical aspect of the file is taken care of and your design will be production ready. Please remember when printing using a digital method each machine has differing print quality. It’s the same for all printing machines from desktop paper printers to large scale industrial digital machines. You should always check your print quality against other print machines (correlation testing) to ensure you get the best results.

Remember colours on screen look different screen to screen due to the differing technology used to produce your electronic device.

We unfortunately cannot accept any returns unless the design was faulty at the point of sale. Once a file is sent out electronically we cannot cancel any sales, unless there was some type of error from our side on the design. Please check your spam folder to ensure the file has not gone into that folder, this happens from time to time due to the security of your pc, something we cannot control.

If by some very unusual chance there was an issue with the design file we will correct it, secure message us and we will be on it immediately. Please bear in mind that we check all files before being sent and secondly weekend and bank holidays we may not be able to respond as quickly as we would like.

Customers make our business so please feel assured that should there be an issue that we will put it right!

We offer the securest methods, PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Alipay ,Crypto Currency and there is also the possibility to pay via invoice for large companies and organisations should the credit insurance company agree to the credit – all subject to the terms and conditions of the credit provider.

Once crypto currency stabilizes we will offer more crypto currencies.

Yes, that’s right! Again unlike other online platforms we allow you to do what you want with the design, it’s your business not ours and you should not be held back from producing your product and making money. The textile business has not been in a great position for years and we must therefore do all we can to help everyone, and help customers grow their business.

The only requirement we have is that you cannot re-sell the design or sub-licence the design in any way, this is for all licences, no exceptions.

My studio is your personal area of your account where all the designs you like are in one place that are your favorites, this allows you to analyse your choices and make your final selection.

This is something that will come in the future, we are working on this, so watch this space.

Yes we can, please secure message us and we can recommend various rotation screen and digital printers you can work with around the globe dependent on your location.

Yes we sure can, please secure message us as we are very experienced in this area.

Yes that’s possible,remember every design currently has five colourations to enable use in a worldwide all season marketplace.

 If you require a specific colouration please message us here and we will discuss how we can make this work quickly.

The easiest way to explain digital printing is to describe it as an extension of your desktop printer. For Non Fashion you can use this method of printing on iPhone covers to ceramic plates as a couple of examples. For fabric and wall coverings it can be explained that no screens are needed and the machines can print pretty much anything that has an electronic file. This is great for small companies who wish to print high quality small metres on all qualities. Screen printing is the original traditional printing method that has limitations of 10-12 screens in Europe/Near East 15-20 in the Far East (which is called semi digital) viscose and cotton digital uses mainly water based dye stuffs, screen printing uses various chemicals in the process including the flushing of the screens, definitely not environmentally friendly however cheaper especially if you have volume.

Vat is additional for all UK sales invoiced in the UK, Euro customers must also add their vat number.

For many years we have travelled the world selling designs and we loved it, we love meeting people and seeing new places. However everything has changed and we have decided to dedicate ourselves and completely focus to sell our designs online. We have had this idea for over ten years, however you know how it is, always busy and no time to really get it started. So when everything started to change in 2020 we decided to go for it. This sales platform is for you, you are the congregation and we are here for you. Please send us a message to support us, to be super critical or to ask any question, don't be shy. 2021 is going to be the start of a fantastic future for everyone, there will be many new start-ups, new brands and lots of innovation which we will support and we sincerely hope you will support us  ! ✌️

Once you have paid you will receive a notification confirming the sale, the file will be with you within 1-12 hours dependent on when the purchase was made (as explained above)

Firstly check your inbox and then check your spam just in case the file has been filtered through to the spam inbox.

This can happen sometimes and is due to the security level your desktop pc has enabled, smart devices are a lesser issue.

If for some reason you have purchased a design from us and the file has been deleted or you have lost your device, no problem we will re send it! Please secure message us here with the design ID Number, your name and your registered email address. Due to security we will need to make contact with you, so ensure your contact details are up to date.

Currently all files have a one week expiration and can be downloaded two times.

This allows you to download and check your file, then send the same download link to your designer or printer.

The special value packs are heavily discounted and are for Members Only.

When you purchase a pack you can choose to mix printable jpegs with Tiff/Psd files or maybe you only want Tiff/Psd files or Jpegs on their own, the choice is yours!

Please note that this offer cannot be used in relation to any other offer on our website.

(You cannot apply any discounts to the Special Value Packs due to the exceptional pricing)

If you have further questions please secure message us by clicking here .