It seems that ethical and environmental responsibility is being spoken about in every area of Textile these days and rightly so.
At The Ministry we take this responsibility seriously “We come with nothing and we go with nothing” we leave this planet to our children and our children’s children.
               Therefore we have implemented an ethical and environmental policy throughout the company to bring this to the forefront of our business.
No matter how small an effort you make, if you change the awareness in others and they take action to be more understanding of our ethical and environmental responsibility, then this will snowball!
It only takes a minute to make a change !



 We ensure that the team @ The Ministry always have safe and hygienic working conditions

We make sure all our salaries are fair and are paid on time

We do not tolerate any discrimination of any kind

We print double sided on all paperwork using recycled ink

We recycle everything and anything that is no longer needed

We use compostable sacks for any food waste and recycled plastic bags for non-food waste

✓ We print our fabric samples on biodegradable fabrics using water based dyes

We are moving towards recycled and full organic fabrics for our sales collection 

We work with charities in varying degrees to reuse any offcut fabric swatches which can be used in quilting or other local crafting projects.

We will continue to see what more we can do and will implement further initiatives going forward