During the pandemic we've had to adapt and respond to many changes taking place around us.
It's within these challenging times where we have to expand our way of thinking and creativity and a constant inspiration is to look at art.
Here at The Ministry of Pattern we always like to look at the harmony of art and fashion and are particularly inspired by the use of colour and the way it can communicate with us emotionally.
In the art world, there's no doubt that one of the greatest colourists of the 20th century was Henri Matisse. The foundation to his work was his understanding and use of colour which made him one of the pioneers of Fauvism.
Within our research we got thinking about art as a mood and prints that evoke these moods. We noticed it seemed more common to see printed clothing in portraits of contemporary art, revealing it's a reflection of our time.
The BP Portrait Award held by The National Portrait Gallery isn't being held during 2021 and 2022 as the building is reportedly undergoing redevelopment. As a celebration of past works we've referenced several artists who have participated in the BP Portrait Award highlighting this use of print, fashion and art.