Original Designs:
A European Design Studio is the ultimate source for unique original designs and illustrations. With a collection that is truly unparalleled, customers can choose from an exceptional selection of hand painted, hand drawn, and digital designs to create products that stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the studios stay ahead of the curve by utilizing market intelligence from the leading retailers to ensure their designs are always in line with current market demands. The result is a collection of designs that are not only visually stunning, but also highly sought after by consumers
High-Quality Designs:
The in-house designers at the studio are experts in the textile industry and deliver designs of exceptional quality. Not only will customers receive visually stunning products, but the designs are also crafted for adaptability and multi-product use, ensuring they look amazing on a variety of products.
Pro Tip : Make sure you use a studio with in-house design as opposed to freelance designers as the style of the studio will be curated to a market aware style as opposed to thousands of designs that fit no current trend.
Multipurpose Designs:
The designs offered by the studio are versatile and can be used for a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, and home decor. This allows customers to create a diverse array of products without having to search multiple designs studios.
Affordable Prices:
Working with POD and not having the design skills or an understanding of Photoshop is an issue of course, however the way around this is to buy your designs from a design studio. These can be expensive which would make your POD business unprofitable. The way to make money is to buy designs that are exclusive to a design studio which are sold with a non-exclusive license as they cost far less. The issue is finding a studio who sells non-exclusive designs that has a licence that does not expire and has no restrictions, this is key.
So you don’t have to design anything and in fact as time is money, so your cost of each design against your sales will be extremely low. Producing a beautiful or trend aware design as a designer can take as long as a day, by that time you have picked your designs, uploaded to the POD website, picked your products and have them up for sale.
Wide Range of Design Catagories:
The studios also offer diverse ranges of design styles, including fashion, trend aware, classic, and vintage, giving customers the ability to choose designs that match their brand and target audience.
Easy to Use Platform:
The sales platform and smart tagging system are user-friendly, making it simple for customers to quickly find the designs they need and as a back up in the search box entering any generic term will find the design you need.
Quick and Reliable Delivery:
Once purchased, the designs are delivered quickly and reliably online directly to the customer's inbox, enabling them to start using the designs immediately and selling their products as soon as possible.
Exceptional Customer Service:
The studios provides exceptional customer service, answering any questions customers you may have and assisting them with their individual queries.
Frequent Updates:
The collections are updated on a weekly basis, providing customers with access to new designs on an ongoing basis that are current.
Pro Tip : Look for a studio that offers multiple colourways of a design, POD customer always like to have options as not every colourway is suitable to every customer.
Trusted Resource:
A European Design Studio is a trusted resource, with thousands of customers choosing to use its designs for their POD businesses. It is the top resource for customers considering print on demand, offering original, high-quality designs, versatility, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service, giving customers the confidence to start their POD business.