One of the most important aspects of the TIFF/PSD files which are sent electronically to you is the ability to allow you to deseminate the design, extract the layers and use these elements to alter the design anyway you feel necessary for the particular look you have in mind. The design file has been specifically engineered for this reason and is very simple to use if you know basic photo shop, the standard software all designers around the world use. The Ministry even allows you to use the layers to create more designs using the elements of our designs that are in the files, these are pretty much FREE designs that you can make, do as you please, just no selling or sub leasing the design out in its original form which is as per our terms and conditions. Other than that you have no restriction on what you produce, how much you make of it and if you are a commercial or personal business, we are just here to make it simple, its your business and your get all the help possible from us. Contact us here with any query you have and we will get back to you immediately.
The latest Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Version 22  actually is incredible, extremely simple to use in comparison to earlier versions of photoshop and has some amazing features that will simplifiy the design process.

Every Design Comes With A FREE Worldwide

Non Exclusive Licence !!