Short On Time…

Let Us Help Find The Designs You Are Searching For!
It’s not easy trying to find the right design, sometimes the slang used for a design or pattern can hinder the online search function.
Something that is frustrating and loses the most valuable asset you have, YOUR TIME!
We always believe that you will find more accuracy when searching using season, product type i.e. swimwear then adding a design category i.e. floral as an example.
If you are a member of the congregation why not let us help?
So as a FREE service the team will curate your own personalised collection for any signed up member (you can sign up for FREE, just click here)
All you have to do is select up to five separate designs from our online sales platform and we will search both our online and offline collections for designs that compliment your request.
Don’t forget we are creating new designs every day and you may be looking for something that is reflective of the current trend which we have not added to the platform.
Click here and send the Design ID number(s) of the designs you have chosen
Alternatively send us a screenshot/photo etc of a design you are looking for and we will see what we have that fits your needs, then all you have to do is just carry on with the days other tasks and wait for our response. You can email us
We endeavour to send to you as many focused options against what you have chosen, as quickly as possible. However, due to time differences and work we have in the studio we do ask you to be patient and wait up to 24 hours (excluding Sundays & UK Bank Holidays)


Where Do I Find The Design ID Number?