New York Fashion Week delighted us with so much colour that was bold, new and pure colour therapy that was defiantly emerging from this global pandemic with hope and optimism.

Here at The Ministry of Pattern we're highlighting four collections which were colour driven, starting with Tom Ford making a huge statement with chic shine, colour clashes and metallics.

The colours used in the collection by Nicole Miller looked slightly more saturated brights and this was very harmonious in tone and pretty much captured the whole spirit of colour as seen at the shows in New York.

The top to toe colour statements as seen at Proenza Schouler were simply stunning and colour looked so empowering to wear. On the other side of colour, another engaging colour palette was the collection from Winnie. Just by colour the whole casualwear collection looked beautifully elevated.

There was also the injection of neutrals and black & white to keep the balance within the collections, but colour was a main driving theme where we also saw many harmonies with purples and browns, reds with orange and yellows with pinks, with saffron looking as an emerging key colour. Lilacs and in more pinky tones and blues in more cornflower blue tones seemed to be pushing colour to a more considered level that made collections look more refined.