We were so inspired by Jason Wu's collection that used delicate florals combined with natural fibres which created a whole new look to florals that we love. There's just something so wonderful about the whole process of using natural dyes and creating something with your hands that's individual.

It was reported that frozen roses, ranunculus, safflower and lac beetle pigments were used to create these wonderful impressions of blurred florals.

We had to do a search for those flowers are online and they are just beautiful in origin.

We were also intrigued to see another designer from New York, Mimi Prober use botanical dyes in her collection. There is really something about this and artisanal. There was something very similar shown at Altuzarra, with these almost bleeding or cloudy floral designs that looks new to us.

There was a botanical and garden feel to some of the shows and Adam Lippes embroidered dress really captured this, as well as his digital big floral bloom prints. They are two very contrasting ideas and ways of print making that's very interesting to see how we continue to evolve and respond to what's happening around us.