Attention, all fashion aficionados! As the premier fashion design authority, I bring to you the scintillating colour trends for the SS23 season, straight from the experts at Pantone. For those who may not be in the know, Pantone is the worldwide authority on colour and sets the tone for each season by selecting a spectrum of shades that grace the runway and capture the spirit of the fashion industry.

The SS23 season is a fusion of daring and calming hues that beckon you to embrace your individuality and take a walk on the wild side. Get ready to explore the key colours that are taking the fashion world by storm and where you can see them in the latest SS23 collections. Buckle up, fashion lovers, it's time to dive into the world of colour! “Fiery Red: This vibrant shade is not your average red. It has a more energetic intensity that immediately catches the eye and was heavily featured in flowing dresses on the runway.

Beetroot Purple: This bold fuchsia depicts the “fruits of nature” and was seen in striking designs, particularly in Harris Reed’s gender-fluid collection.

Tangelo: A tangy hue that merges a hint of red into its fibres, Tangelo was used in bold designs such as Bottega Veneta’s low waist dress with a feathery underskirt.

Peach Pink: As a warmer alternative to a typical peach hue, Peach Pink was sported in everything from figure-hugging pieces to oversized shapes and is described as a “nurturing” tone.

Empire Yellow: This “luminescent” shade is meant to inspire the wearer to dare and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Blue Perennial: Despite being described as a “stand-out blue”, Blue Perennial is one of the more calming tones and added a whimsical element to even the simplest designs.

Classic Green: This bold hue provides a strong contrast to its counterparts and is described as “nourishing” and imbued with health-giving qualities.

Crystal Rose: this soft hue attempts to convey modern romance, was popular among floaty, lightweight materials as well as more structured designs, and tailored pieces.

Love Bird: This lively exotic green cemented itself as the ‘it’ colour for SS23 and was seen in floor-sweeping looks by a variety of designers.

Summer Song: This colour is all about relaxation and tranquillity and was used in long-line coats in a range of materials from distressed denim to sleek leather-looking fabrics.

Skylight: This creamy tone dominated eveningwear lines and was often used in flowing gowns or heavily embellished dresses, particularly in Lanvin’s collection.

Gray Lilac: this lilac-infused grey lightened up back-to-office looks, was seen in loose fit blazers, and collared mini dresses.

Leek Green: As an alternative to khaki green, Leek Green consists of a grey undertone that is reminiscent of more vegetal-based colourings and was used among the utilitarian styles.

So there you have it, the latest colour trends for SS23 according to Pantone. I hope this provides some inspiration for your next fashion purchase or design. Remember, fashion is all about expressing your individuality, so feel free to mix and match these hues to create your own unique look.